About Diu

About Diu

The history of Diu has been traced since the ages of Maurya. Chandra Gupt Maurya had extended his boundaries in Diu. After facet of time Ashoka extended his boundaries in southern part of a Diu. We can feel the essence of Jain tradition in the history of a Diu. Diu was also ruled by Indo-Greek kings. Parsee community has also ruled in Diu for more than a decade.

Diu is rich with natural beauty of mother Earth. Land of Fest-de-Diu is fringed by backwater in northern side and the Arabian Sea in rest of 3 sides. Reaching Diu as simple as our routine task

  • How to reach Diu by air- Airport of Diu is situated near Nagoa beach. Airways offer daily flight to Diu from Mumbai.
  • How to reach Diu by rail- You can reach Diu by the way of railways also. The nearest railways station is Veraval.
  • How to reach Diu by road- Diu is connected with various national highways of a country.

Diu possesses tribal culture and architecture. Diu is fascinating combination of peace beauty and nature. Best time to visit Diu is summer season i.e. March to July. You will feel cool breeze coming from Arabian Sea which will melt your heart. Beach activities will array your senses in the most exceptional way.

As Diu is blessed with water fishing is the main cuisine. It is integral part of every home and hotels of a Diu. How can one forget about Silver Pomfret which is available in water of Diu and the most important thing is you can�t find these fishes in other areas of India. Portuguese and Gujarati Cuisines are also favorite dishes of people in Diu.

If you are thinking of rents of hotels and restaurants in Diu, Don�t worry you will find hotels in Diu in budgeted price. Diu tour will make your holidays memorable and adorable. You can relax yourself through delish sea food and exotic wines. You will be warmly when you enter the hotels in Diu. Hotels in Diu are like your home away from your home. Hotel business in Diu is the most booming business among all.