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Nagoa Beach is horseshoeshaped. This beautiful beach is located near Bucharwada village. This beach is 20 km away from Diu city. You can get solitude on Nagoa Beach. Calm water of Nagoa Beach will give you a feeling of serenity. You can feel like paradise in in swaying palm trees. Balmy breeze will make your mood.

Naida caves are located in the periphery of Diu fort. Naida caves have big tunnel networks and it has square. Naida caves have historical importance. Naida caves are quite and clean place. Naida caves ranked first among the most attractive tourist place of the world. Either you can book a ticket from online portals or you can buy the whole package for your Diu Trip.

Jallandhar beach is a rocky beach. It offers sea front dining. Jallandhar Beach is quiet and calm. The intoxicating breeze will make your life tension free. Virginity of this beach will give you pleasure beyond your expectations. Jallandhar Beach is less explored. It is a casual place to relax.

Beauty of twilight offers saffron sky, which is going to melt your heart like anything. The landscape will be painted in beautiful saffron color. Sunset is mesmerizingly amazing and awesome. Sand is beautifully illuminated with cool breeze and sunlight. Heaven falls there on the sunset point of Diu.

Ghoghla beach is one of the most attractive beaches in Diu. Ghoghla beach is situated in northern Diu. This is the place where there are bunches of finest hotels of Diu. This beach is perfect for the one who hate crowd. You can spend lots of me time when you are on this beach. As it is less crowded Ghoghla Beach is the cleanest beach among all beaches of Diu.

There are N numbers of beaches on Diu Island. Goghla beach and kevdi beach are located near goptimata beach. Goptimata beach is small and exotic beach. Just driving 20 minutes from Diu you will reach Goptimata Beach. This virgin beach is one of the most refreshing beaches of India. You can dine and dive here. So book your tickets and pack your bags for this wonderful and exotic vacation.

Diu is blessed with a number of beaches. Chakratirth plays an important role to make this place more adorable. This beach is located centrally. It is very adjacent to Diu city. It is a favorite place of both domestic and foreign tourist hence; it is the most crowded beach among all beaches of Diu.

This extensively amazing church is notable since its inception. Its facade is so extensive and prolific. Donít forget to light a candle it will give you a feeling of being complete. The roof is synonymous as a blue and pure sky. ST. Paul church is renowned for its craftsmanship.

Diu fort is surrounded by sea from three sides. Diu fort is still used by navy. To protect this beautiful territory this fort is constructed by Sultaan shah Bahdur. The lighthouse of a Diu is the highest point. The fort provides sea access to trade and commerce.

Ins Khukri Memorial is a historic evidence of an Indo-Pak war of 1971. This memorial was inaugurated on 15th of December 1995. There is an amphitheater near this Memorial. Top view of the memorial is astonishing. If you are arriving this place at the evening then boss! You are lucky. You can click picture perfect memory.

Church of ST.Francis Assisi is the oldest churches of Diu. It adds beauty to the beautiful Diu city. It is near Arabian Sea and it looks like beautiful white stone is standing near calm and peaceful water. Arabian Sea and Church together gives stunning view. You will find the essence of elegancewhen you enter this church.

Nothing is better when something which soothes your eyes. Fortim-Do-Mar is something truly unique in its own way to catch the eyes of tourists. Its shape is like a ship. Its unique shape will bring incredible impression in the mind and the heart of visitors. This beauty of a creator has already won the hearts of millions.

Want to see something classic? Want to make your holiday? Diu is the perfect combo of beaches, monuments, religious space and what not! Zampa gateway is one of the finest structures of arts and architecture. Like churches, it also has essence of true Portuguese structure. This beautiful gateway has carvings of lions.

Gangeshwar temple is a temple of five lingam and Shiva. The Pandavas had constructed this temple in dedication with lord Shiva. Lingam of this temple is situated in a way that water from the sea falls directly on it i.e. what called ďAbhishekaĒĚ in Hindu Mythology. This temple is the seamless illustration of a historical significance of Diu.

Apart from unlamented beaches there are many other places you can include in the package of Diu tour. This museum is decorated with various evidences of past sculptures and monuments. If you want to find correlation between past and present arena you must visit Diu Museum. You will find indications of Portuguese rulers when they had attacked Diu to establish kingdom.

Shell sea Museum is one of the most historic places of Diu town. Visitors can observe a wide range of shells. Captain Fulbari with its hard work and dedication has established this beautiful shell Museum. You can see multiple sizes of sea shells like cockle, abalone, spider, scorpion etc.